Raymond Schryer, born 1961 in Sault Ste Marie ON Canada, has been passionate about violins for over 35 years. Raymond studied violin performance at the University of Western Ontario and now enjoys arranging music and performing.

 At the age of fourteen, Raymond studied violin making with his uncle Fernand Schryer in Quebec for four years. At 21 Raymond earned a formal 3 year apprenticeship from the violin shop of Geo. Heinl Co. in Toronto. The decades from 1990's on are filled with research, innovation and rewards. In international violinmaking competitions Raymond consistently improved his standing, winning numerous silver and gold medals internationally. One of his proudest moments was the Gold Medal win for Cello in October 2003 at the Triennale Internazionale in Cremona, Italy.

Raymond has been an active member and on the board of the American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers. He has served on the jury panel for several international violin making competitions. Raymond has enjoyed the opportunity to teach at violin making schools, conferences and workshops worldwide.

At the Oberlin Workshop Raymond and his colleagues collaborate and apply new technologies to the art of violin making. Publishing articles and research projects have benefited his career by sharing with other makers worldwide. Raymond Schryer is a recognized leader and innovator in his field.

Since 2010 Raymond has retired from competitions to act as a judge on international violin making competition juries, teach, and spend time on various research projects.

The picture above shows Raymond beside his gold medal cello from 2003 in Cremona's new Museo del Violino.  The museum not only has one of the finest collections of classical Cremonese violins, violas and cellos, but also exhibits an interactive contemporary collections of instruments from past gold medal winners of the Triennale Competition.
This photo was taken September 23, 2015 while Raymond was a jury member for the 14th competition.
When a visitor at the museum enters "826", they can listen to a recording of this cello with the interactive headphones.